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Shadow Puppets Play Kit

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Each kit contains 15 handmade robust puppets for long lasting imaginary play.

Illustrated are two major themes for the topic of ‘Journeys’:

  • Space including planets, rocket ships and aliens.
  • Underwater, with fish, seashells, mermaids and crabs.

These shadow puppets are just the right size for hands on experiential play.

All you need to use them effectively is a light source such as the white board or overhead projector , or simple hand held torches. As well as a white sheet or white board to project on. They are also strong enough to be used outside with natural light for outdoor provision.

Simple shadow puppet kits can be made for any theme or story, and are incredibly effective, particularly following the Reggio Emilia approach.

Children's multiple symbolic languages

  • Using the arts as a symbolic language through which to express their understandings in their project work
  • Consistent with Dr. Howard Gardner's notion of schooling for multiple intelligences, the Reggio approach calls for the integration of the graphic arts as tools for cognitive, linguistic, and social development.
  • Presentation of concepts and hypotheses in multiple forms such as print, art, construction, drama, music, puppetry, and shadow play. These are viewed as essential to children's understanding of experience.
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    "Creativity brings into existence, new ideas,
    original ways of doing things and new creations of all kinds"

    Tina Bruce