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Round and Round Play Kit

The Round & Round Kit is a brilliant addition to your early years provision. Each kit contains 10 handmade cylinder cushions in 2 different sizes for long lasting comfortable play.

There are 5 small and 5 large cushions. The designed shape has been tried and tested successfully with many children over the past 3 years. They have worked so well in the Imaginary leaps sessions, that we have decided to make them available for EY Providers to purchase.

They are open ended objects ideal for child led play. The cushions are perfect to stack high and safely fall for construction, as well as den building in imaginative play. Babies love to roll on them and toddlers enjoy just practising sitting down on them!

The Round & Round Kit can be part of an EY settings or museum/galleries Heuristic Play provision. They can be complimented by balls, cloth and hoops in an open space for hours of explorative and experiential play.

Heuristic play ‘consists of offering a group of children, for a defined period of time in a controlled environment, a large number of different kinds of objects and receptacles with which they play freely without adult intervention’. It is particularly useful for children in their second year who often seem unwilling to engage in any activity for more than a few minutes.

The cushions are made of fire retardant safety foam with brightly covered circle patterned material of different colours and textures, for the very young to engage in tactile play. The material covers are all removable and able to be machine washed at low temperatures.

The Round & Round Kit contains 5 small (10cm) and 5 large (30 cm) cushions in an attractive duffle bag with the Imaginary Leaps logo. Please choose preferred fabrics or go for a pick and mix of all options!

Cost only £150 + VAT

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"My daughter incorporates everything into her own play
and these things will come up again, the circular cushions for example.
Really good for making visual connections.''
Children's Centre, parent