Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years


Quality interaction is a key focus within the EYFS and these 
storytelling sessions enhance the delivery of the four themes  
a unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments & learning and development, as well as knowledge and understanding of the world and development stages for foundation level.

'Theatre is very important as it is deeply rooted in communication, expression and relationships... there is a fragile border between play and the theatrical dimension'
- Roberto Frabetti, La Barracca Theatre

When devising and developing work with young children, Imaginary Leaps starts with the exploration of the physical properties of materials, object and puppets. This is done using a process of simple play with an engaged imagination, in the same way that young children explore the world.

The purpose of creating work in this way is to encourage and stimulate the imaginative play of children, engaging them as audience and participants in a process of creating characters, stories and worlds out of the everyday objects around us.

Theatre play sessions last for approximately one hour, including storytelling with puppets, leading into interactive play and making. The sessions are flexible to adapt to the needs of the setting and the developmental stages of the children.

Theatre play sessions are for 15 - 20 children per session for quality impact.
They are planned with a break included half way through the hour.