Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

Pilot Projects Evaluation


Future Developments

Phase 3 of the Imaginary Leaps project took place during spring term 2009. Feedback has indicated that the timing of the project would work better once the children have had a chance to settle in. Further plans for development:

  • DNA will be looking to get funding for longer training with Early Years Providers and Artists.
  • The kits will be developed and include (some specific) toys that are safe for play.
  • There are also plans to train more artists in Lancashire, who can then target settings where there is currently little creative development. The early years settings involved in the pilot were already quite informed about creative play. DNA will be thinking of strategies for rolling out the programme and introducing it into those nurseries and Sure Starts who need it most.
  • Imaginary Leaps will continue to meet development streams from the Early Stepping Stones and Foundation Stage.
  • DNA will produce a Creative Play workshop guide that can be used in Early Years settings.
  • Finally, work will continue with Early Years development groups including the Preschool Learning Alliance and the Early Years Arts Council Champions group.

Questions for further discussion

  • When does free-flow play become too free?
  • How can an artist or key worker model sensible behaviour whilst maintaining creativity?
  • What are the boundaries of the adults involved in the play?
  • How familiar should artists be with the language of education?




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