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DNA have been creating puppetry and visual theatre since 1994. DNA is devoted to the promotion of puppetry as an art form to people of all ages, ethnic origins and abilities through performance, educational workshops and development work. The Imaginary Leaps project is part of a rich and varied early years strand that DNA have been developing since 1995.

As Artistic Director, Rachel Riggs is passionate about Free Creative Early Years Play, and with DNA is continuously researching the links between child development and the art form of puppetry. As many believe, all people are born creative and DNA believe that all are born puppeteers!† A young child’s imaginative play can turn everyday items into extraordinary characters to foster emotional literacy and many other areas of expression.† During free play with objects and materials, a child often uses symbols (e.g.: a stick for a sword) and creates play props to work out identity issues.† It is this transformational quality from everyday objects to extraordinary props which lies at the heart of DNA’s work.† DNA refine and develop their artistic methodologies through constant feedback with their target audiences, and Rachel ensures the work is relevant and attainable to early years service providers. [next]


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