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An international programme of theatre play workshops,
professional creative development training and playkits currently
in the UK,and Western Australia (click for recent WA projects)

Imaginary Leaps aids the practice and understanding of the therapeutic potential of early arts & child led play.

Imaginary Leaps involves making a space which allows young children to fully experience immersion into the imagination through participatory storytelling, and supports the development of this kind of play in their daily lives through Professional Creative Development training for their early years educators/families.

Imaginary Leaps
facilitates the positive benefits puppetry, creative play and visual theatre can bring to the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development of young children.
With specialist provision complimenting the Early Years Framework/Foundation Stages, Imaginary Leaps has built a respected international reputation in Early Arts creative learning, playing & developing in many European countries, Australia and Indonesia.

Imaginary Leaps
uses theatre play techniques with puppets, masks, shadows, materials and objects to engage and stimulate creative learning. The children’s interests are followed, utilising a Reggio Emilia approach with concepts of nature and the elements, everyday and extraordinary worlds, the children’s interests are followed, learning through interaction with artists, community and the environment.

Imaginary Leaps is a practical process methodology that realises creative outcomes, and shares these skills within the community,whether in kindergartens, pre primary,children's & family centres, art galleries, libraries, theatre's, festivals and many other community venues.

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For further information on the programme's background, please see original pilot project evaluation Imaginary Leaps

This original programme was developed
in association with
Appletree Children's Centre

‘Creativity is a symbolic language stimulating imagination and emotional intelligence for the expressive development of the very young. Imaginary Leaps is committed to sharing our expertise, bringing high quality theatre arts play for early years into cultural and community settings all over the world.’
Rachel Riggs – creative director of Imaginary Leaps