Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

Developing a Creative Skill set with Rachel Riggs

This workshop will provide skills-based training with DNA Director, Rachel Riggs. DNA have successfully toured their early years theatre performances, Ball Pond Bobby, Atishoo! and Chicken Licken to national and international theatres and festivals.

Imaginary Leaps is a new early years initiative investigating new approaches to bringing creative performing arts activities into early years settings.

Working in partnership with each Early years setting, Imaginary Leaps develops good practice methodologies in performing arts activities for under 5’s, and aims to offer proven successful activities to settings throughout the North West.

Imaginary Leaps is based upon current understanding of creative learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage – stimulating confidence and creativity in young minds, developing imaginative activity and encouraging expression using puppetry and visual theatre techniques.

Rachel will work with participants to explore playful approaches to learning environments, both for children and families, including:

  • Using puppetry and other art forms as an approach to creative learning with young children.
  • Throwing away the script and opening up possibilities for children’s play as the starting point.
  • Exploring what different materials could mean to different children, and how to transform every day objects.
  • Identifying how different puppetry techniques can be used to address different learning needs.
  • Ideas for using materials, movement, storytelling, puppetry and other arts with young children and families.
  • Designing our own puppets or other materials for play.
  • Identifying what aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum can be addressed through this approach.

"Brilliant training session, very useful in our everyday work
and I feel much more confident using puppets in my sessions.’
‘Really enjoyed this course and would recommend to
other members of staff at work. "

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