Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years


Circus Theme Movement Session Plan


Whole Group Work

 Space Suits

Getting Ready Dance actions suggested by the children.

Musical statue style Rockets

Zooming and landing in shapes (scope to find different ways to move such as spinning and landing in shapes that stick to each other).

Working safely with others

Moving and stillness

Basic Dance Actions Gestures, turning, jumping, rolling etc

Variations in levels

Main Content 1;
Circus People

Land at the Circus

Music 1: What can you see? And What is happening?

Children find their own ideas
About what they see at the circus/what is happening and related movement actions, i.e. Clowns, tight rope walkers, acrobats, being shadows etc.

Creative freedom

Whole body expression of ideas

Main Content 2;
Circus Stuff

Music 2:

Introduce balls and bean bags. We can try balancing balls and bean bags on us, us balancing on bean bags/balls, throwing and anything else they come up with.

Encourages children to develop or master fine motor skill

Variation of dynamics

Main Content 3
Circus Dancing

Music 3: Colour scarves

Free exploration stimulated by music

Encourage freedom of movement and flow

Cool Down

Back to Earth

Back to Earth. Sit in a circle, making our feet ready to step back down onto earth. Using basic massage techniques - children use their own ideas about what the actions are - such as pressing special buttons on the soles of their feet etc. Finishing with planting our feet in the earth and stretching.


Self-touch encourages body awareness.


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