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Creative Play for Early Years

Caterpillars and Cocoons Play Kit

This successful kit has been made for Eureka Children's Museum in Halifax, to extend children’s creative experiences in the Sound Garden and Desert area. Rebecca Johnson, Early years learning advisor writes

'Items inside the play boxes include fruits made from soft, tactile material, fabrics, and puppets designed to encourage creative play. The team also provided Eureka! staff with training on how to be a partner in play with the children and the boxes. The training highlighted the importance of allowing children to use materials in new ways, make their own discoveries and empowering them to take the lead.

'We wanted to tap in to children's innate curiosity about the world around them, to be intrinsically motivated . What better way than to engage in creative play, most importantly we did not want to focus on an end product but to leave the children to be free to explore all sorts of possibilities.'

Professionals are also offered training by skilled Imaginary Leaps theatre play artists to develop storytelling and puppetry skills emphasizing creative participation and facilitation for the very young and their families.

Cost of commissions subject to consultation with full design brief and development. Imaginary Leaps work closely alongside with their clients to deliver effective creative learning tools.

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