Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years


Exploring ways that parents and carers can further respond to and creatively engage with pre-walking babies up to approx.12 months old.

Babystages by Imaginary Leaps is a series of one-hour sessions on being creatively engaged with your child.

Exploring ways that parents and carers can communicate with and creatively engage with babies.

Responding to the baby’s physical and developmental needs as well as their emotional state.

Learning using very simple materials and props, parents and carers find the whole range of response during open play.

Each session consists of three areas:

Observing, listening and responding Starting with simple echoing and copying the child, parents and carers explore building levels and rhythms of response. Changes in rhythm, setting up patterns, stopping and preparing to start (anticipation) are all essential elements of this activity.

Playing, with fabric, buckets, percussion Using very simple materials, parents and carers learn to use the whole range of communication during play. Responding to the child’s physical and developmental needs as well as their emotional state, learn how to engage body, voice and emotional response to improve creative play.

Accepting offers
Parents and carers develop different ways of

  • Offering
  • Engaging
  • Distracting
  • Anticipating
  • Surprising

    This is in order to build patterns of play, learning how to establish a pattern, and when it is good to change the pattern.

Parents and carers learn how to engage their body, voice and emotional response to further improve their communication and provide creative intelligent play with their baby. This non-verbal language ability is a vital part of communication and provides confidence to maintain the interactions at home and in the EY setting


Babystages™ is about creating a safe, inviting environment with resources suitable for pre mobile babies. We provide a large soft fabric rug, atmospheric calm music on CD, lavender aromatherapy oil, teddy bear and different sized buckets of cloths with different colours and textures for experiential play. These open play resources are used to promote quality and inclusion, and can be used to continue babies diverse sensory learning at home.

Babystages™ kits including all of the above can be purchased from Imaginary leaps.

Professional Creative Training sessions for 'Babystages™' learning and development are available.


"FANTASTIC. Both of us have loved every session. Not talking yet but seems to really enjoy it. Have noticed him becoming more confident at each session."

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"Communicating visually, inspiring creativity"