DNA Puppetry & Visual Theatre present


This exciting new programme, researched and developed over the last 6 years by Rachel Riggs EYP is a specialist contribution to the new Early Years Framework

The Art Gallery of Western Australia hosts the Imaginary Leaps program as a core component of their early years engagement strategy.

Better Beginnings Family Literacy program at The State Library of Western Australia worked with Imaginary Leaps commissioning a best practise guide from creative director Rachel Riggs.

Awesome Childrens Festival, Perth created a special early childhood tent for a week of Imaginary Leaps sessions in their 2011 program

'Imaginative play for young children is based on activities and objects that are already familiar to them. Toys, stories and miniature versions of everyday things allow children to create their own worlds.'

CANWA and Australia Council funded professional development adapting the program for indigenous settings - click here to watch the video

‘This imaginative transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary; this ability of objects and figures to transform fluidly from representing one thing into something completely different, lies at the heart of the work of DNA.’
Rachel Riggs – creative director of Imaginary Leaps